New York Times editors are becoming a whisper
Posted by: ShowGoer 10:05 am EST 02/22/24

There’s a new article on Amy Herzog in the Times (link below), and the subheading says she’s become known as “an Ibsen whisper” –
(full text: “She has become known an Ibsen whisper, bringing ‘An Enemy of the People’ to Broadway this spring, along with a play of her own, which stars Rachel McAdams.”)
I assume they mean ‘an Ibsen whisperer’, as in horse whisperer or dog whisperer (though even there I’m not sure that’s what they mean, or at least not the best word to get the point across) – but whether pertaining to dog, horse, or Norwegian playwright, I’m quite sure the noun “whisper” has never been used to describe a person known for their association with someone else.
Link Amy Herzog’s Plays Are Quiet, but Audiences Can’t Look Away

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