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Posted by: davei2000 04:43 pm EST 02/22/24
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pete, I read your post and knew what you were complaining about, not puzzles. I then looked in my email and found the quiz. You're right, it is inane, and it ended up "recommending" puzzles I have no interest in. (Jigsaws?) As you're probably aware, The Times removed online access to and an entire database of what they call "variety" puzzles, the ones that I really enjoyed. I dropped my puzzle subscription for good shortly after, the quiz is not changing my mind...
I'm less concerned about the accidental dropping of a couple of letters from the word as the use of the word at all....
The only publication I know with a long-deserved reputation for not making copy mistakes is The New Yorker, and I've spotted a couple there in recent years, including whom for who (so much worse than mistaking who for whom!)

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