Whoa, Nelly!
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My point- not particularly clear upon re-reading my original post- was not that the Times has puzzles. I do them every day. The last thing I do before turning off the light is Connections and Wordle. If I wake up in the middle of the night I check to see if it's 3:00AM in case I can start Spelling Bee. I do the Crossword at 10:00PM on the dot and the Sunday Crossword on Saturday night. Yesterday I did the Mini in 27 seconds. I have no bone to pick with Puzzles. I love them. And I am glad that "within the theatre, we have great puzzle people".

My complaint was about an inane "survey" I received asking me to answer ten twee, painfully unfunny questions that were clearly meant to elicit a laugh or at least a smile. I assume that most of us who subscribe and do the puzzles will have gotten this quiz and I am curious to know if I am an outlier in finding it Buzzfeed-like in its pointlessness.

The reason I replied to the "Ibsen whisperer" controversy with a comment about the survey was because I read the ATC post seconds after having completed the inane quiz and was in a cranky mood because of it. The discussion of shoddy editing standards seemed part and parcel of a slippage at the paper and I should have explained this a little more clearly. Or a lot more clearly.

I am without crampons and finding the slippery slope a little perilous, so I will help you back onto your high horse and wish you and Sondheim and Rachmaninoff a safe & pleasant journey. Brahms and I will just be sitting having a coffee talking sports and comedy.

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