re: The Grey Lady is losing her lustre.
Posted by: ryhog 03:54 pm EST 02/22/24
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The Times has a long tradition of including puzzles, going back to WWII and the beginning of the famous Crossword Puzzle. Do you consider that unserious and unsober too? There are, in fact, several very impressive intellectual exercises in the Times that have been added in the last few years. What is the bone you have to pick with puzzles? Within the theatre, we have great puzzle people (Sondheim in particular). I am not sure where you are drawing a line. Can we have reviews of comedic plays? Can we devote pages to the coverage of sports? television? comedy clus must be verboten.

I am just not sure how you draw the line. I am also not sure how this relates to copy editing. Are there good and bad subjects to be covered? Brahms but not Rachmaninoff perhaps? You are on a very slippery slope my friend.

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