The Grey Lady is losing her lustre.
Posted by: portenopete 11:56 am EST 02/22/24
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I'm reading this right after getting an email asking me to take an online "quiz" purportedly to discern which type of NYT puzzle I am most suited for. The inanity of the survey was astonishing and it is another instance of the Times' dereliction of duty as the purveyor of serious and sober journalism, the reason why I choose to support it financially. It's the kind of s*** that Buzzfeed has made its fortune with but with the imprimatur of the NYT font.

You can argue the merits of laboriously clever turns-of-phrase like "Ibsen whisper" [sic] but dropping the "-er" is just sheer laziness.

I don't remember this sort of sloppy editing a decade ago. Were middle-aged readers of the Times noticing similar lapses in the 1970's and '80's and bemoaning the slippage in quality? Was I too young to notice or care?

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