Elaine Stritch: At Liberty
Posted by: IvyLeagueDropout 01:05 am EST 02/21/24

I saw the show several times, have seen the filmed version many times, and have been listening to the album more and more frequently (recorded at Joe's Pub, if I recall correctly; I think it is superior to the version taped in London). Anyway, in listening to it today, I noticed her say "Here's Rose" over the last brassy vamps at the end of "Zip." I can't believe I never noticed it before; it is clear as day if you pay attention. I wonder if it is more a nod to Gypsy Rose Lee being sung about, or to her almost playing Rose in London. Regardless, my opinion of her way with both story and song only grows over time. I know the show got a special event Tony, but I wish it had been nominated as a play or musical, and Stritch for actress.

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