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Also, her life stories really gave the song true specifics, which it really doesn't have in the film context. For once I found myself not musing on Rodgers' seeming obsession with the (specious?) difference between youth and childhood, and I focused on the way the events in Strich's life really seemed to EARN the lyrics.

And again, I'll take a moment to defend the original song in the stage version of the Sound Of Music, which no one seems to like but me, lol. With "Something Good," it seems to be all about "what could I possibly done to deserve you" (whether I was oh, maybe 22, or oh, maybe 8 lol) - but "An Ordinary Couple" really takes the context into hand - "you know, you would have had a glamorous life with Elsa, and you realize with me you won't have that - we'll just be ordinary. I hope that's what you want too. You and me, and of course, the children." It just makes so much more sense - and the song actually deals with show context, not just starry-eyed musings.

Just my usual $.02. Thank you for listening. :-)

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