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Some here may recall that during 2020 and 2021, when our theatres were shut down, I urged patience on several occasions. That encouragement applies more broadly, and in this case. Sometimes it seems like we have more conspiracy theories than the majority party in the house of representatives.

A print newspaper is about real estate. There is a limited amount of it (much as there is, for instance, in the theatre). Someone (called an editor) must prioritize what goes in and when, within the observed constraints. The issue is not always about staffing.

The show opened on a Thursday night, 2 days ago as I write this. Friday, most people know, is a traffic jam in print, and especially this weekend. Saturday is a day most publicists would beg the editor not to publish a review because it will likely get ignored. (And again, especially when that Saturday is, as one of my devout Jewish friends calls it, Eruv Super Bowl.)

Relax. It runs another 6 weeks and has plenty of time to sell out those performances so that the agita here can segue to the unavailability of tickets and the outrageous prices attached to them in the secondary market.

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