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I think the high school framing is a regrettable cut, and I think "Rich and Happy" is a much better song than "That Frank". I don't know why they haven't been incorporated back. I also think Gussie's part has been enlarged at some point, and she's really too annoying as a character. I guess this has been done since Frank is really the show's focal point by now, even though Charley and Mary are major forces in his life. Charley doesn't seem to have much of a social life other than Frank. Charley's wife is set up for a brief appearance as a joke, but otherwise besides Gussie, there's Beth and even Beth and Frank's child with more time than Mrs. Charley; Mary seems all wrapped up emotionally in Frank. Nearly everything is seen in the context of Frank's life. It's kind of strange that he hasn't a showy number to really show off his voice though. Charley's "Franklin Shepherd Inc" is certainly rhythmically and lyrically set up as a showstopper-- and it's done with Frank right there at his side, to respond to it.

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