Amy Ryan is a fantastic choice for Sister Aloysius.
Posted by: portenopete 12:54 pm EST 02/07/24

I feel awful for Tyne Daly. The stress an actor must put on themselves when a production is centred around them. (At least this one had another, arguably even more famous star alongside her.) But I'm sure it is mortifying for a stage veteran like Daly to have to withdraw and I send her all the best vibes I can muster.

But to land someone as terrific and right for the role as Amy Ryan is an amazing coup. Someone below was musing on what the role would be like being played by someone younger, but Amy Ryan seems far more age-appropriate than Tyne Daly. Cherry Jones was 48 when she did the original and Amy Ryan is 55 but Ms Daly is going to be 78 in a couple of weeks. I suspect that in the 1960's most nuns over 65 would have retired from active responsibilities and been put out to pasture (like the nun they talk about but whom we never see).

I think Eileen Atkins was about 71 or 72 when she replaced Jones and I remember thinking she was too old for the part. (Although God bless her almost-90-year old cotton socks: Dame Eileen is still working and creating magic on stage. One of COVID's greatest theatrical tragedies was the cancellation of The Old Vic's production of 4000 MILES which she and Timothée Chalamet had started rehearsing. She got to do it at Chichester last year but with Sebastian Croft.)

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