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Posted by: AlanScott 09:05 pm EST 02/08/24
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You bring up so much. I'd like to reply to a good deal of it in some way, but I think it will take me at least two posts because it's just so much and I don't think I can wrap my mind around it all at once. At least not when I'm feeling a bit tired. So I'll start with replying about the next-to-last thing you bring up.

In drafts for the original production, Gussie moved to push Meg off a balcony, Frank pulled Meg out of the way, Gussie herself went over, and either died (probably) or was severely injured. Frank crouched in fetal position, while Jerome told the partygoers that they were all going to agree on a story before the police got there. Although less painful than the blinding with iodine, it had an even worse outcome. It would also have been very difficult to stage in a way that worked, especially with the set that was being planned.

I think it was a mistake for the revision to return to the blinding given the fact that the show was intended to end on a note of possible redemption rather than irreparable loss.

Of course, the play also ends with the high school graduation. The revision moved closer to the play in several ways, so it seems odd to me that the revision eliminates not just the opening high school scene but also the one at the end. Of course, I think it was an awful choice to eliminate the frame, and obviously I'm far from alone in that.

Anyway, more later. Maybe.

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