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I didn’t mean to start a whole debate about Sondheim songs that changed hands, I just meant it struck me as the one time a song was taken away from one character and handed to another late in previews. You wouldn’t take “Ladies Who Lunch” away from Joanne and hand it to Sarah.

BUT - "Not A Day Goes By" is also sung by Frank, to Beth, at their wedding (originally she didn't sing then as she does now - it was just Frank with asides by Mary). The Act I "reprise" was meant for Beth originally. But it can make equal sense for her husband to sing it there, can't it? I mean we're not giving the song to Charley, or Joe, etc. What happened is not at all the same as giving "The Ladies Who Lunch" to Sarah. So again, your argument seems odd to me.

(Meanwhile, I really hate that the Proprietor, who's not one of the assassins, now sings that solo in "Another National Anthem," the song in which the assassins finally band together. This only happened, it seems, because they were trying to make the Proprietor's part more significant - originally he was just a character in the first scene, never seen again. THAT's much more of a random choice to me than giving Beth's solo to a character who also sings the song anyway.)

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