All of us strangers. Spoilers
Posted by: dramedy 04:27 pm EST 02/18/24
In reply to: Andrew Scott's 'Vanya': His one-man Chekhov checks into movie theaters on Feb. 22 - WaymanWong 04:18 pm EST 02/18/24

I’ve had some lively discussions on the meaning of that movie. Many interpret it as a love story but I think he died in the fire in the beginning of the movie. The other guy makes that reference in the beginning and later on wonders why no one else has moved into the building (meaning no one else died). Plus he is running a fever throughout the movie, he gets wet (like sprinklers) and asphyxiates when kissing (like dying in a fire). It also explains the ending where their spirits go to the stars as one.

Not since the interpretation of the final words in Doubt have I had such discussions.

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