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Posted by: AlanScott 06:32 pm EST 02/16/24
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Yeah, I also looked through a period in the 1950s when I thought I might find every theatre with a show, but I also found very short gaps, sometimes just a few days.

The difficulty with going back to the 1920s is that it wasn't till late 1929 that the Times (and probably other papers) had ABCs. Before that, there were ads every day, and just about every Broadway show had ads, but the layout was generally organized by theatre owners. It's confusing to try to go through them.

The other difficulty is having a list of all the Broadway theatres at any specific time. I feel pretty confident with late 1950s that I know what theatres were hosting Broadway shows, but in the 1920s, 1930s or even 1940s, it's tougher, As far as I can tell, I would have to spend a good deal of time coming up with lists for specific periods within each of those decades. Actually, I'm not even sure that I could get definitive lists.

Also to be considered, as I mentioned here recently, ibdb in the early decades of the last century (even going into the late 1940s), lists shows as Broadway that played in theatres that we would not now consider Broadway. Some very odd things are listed on ibdb. This was partly because there was no organized Off-Broadway at the time, but there are other oddities there not easily explained, except that I guess Best Plays listed them.

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