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So my wife and I were big fans of the TV show and live within a train ride of NYC, so we decided to take a shot and enter the lottery for free tickets, and somehow we got tix for the first rehearsal last Thursday. The theater, which holds about 500 people, was packed, and it seemed as if the large majority of the audience had won the lottery as well. The audience was greeted by Stroman, who explained that there were several significant surprises in the script and asked us to please keep them to ourselves (which I will do, but yeah, they were really surprising and gave the show some depth).

The bottom line is that we liked the show a LOT, and that seemed to be the general consensus so far as we could tell.

I'd be shocked if several cast members did not get a Tony nomination. I'd say that Robyn Hurder, who played Ivy is a lock to get a Best Actress nomination, Brooks Ashmanskas as Nigel has a shot at a Best Actor nod, and Bella Coppola, who played Chloe (or Bonnie Milligan, who workshopped the role) will be getting a Featured Actress nomination.

Has this show announced an opening date. The word circulating was "this spring".

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