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You're not wrong...

But Crazy For You was 1992, and she did not direct it she choreographed it (and while the dancing was the main feature we shouldn't discount how important the direction was to that confection working so beautifully).
Contact, The Producers and The Music Man were all 2000-2002, in an incredible 2 year stretch of glory...

After 2002, as a director, she had Thou Shalt Not, The Frogs, Young Frankenstein, Big Fish, Bullets Over Broadway, Prince of Broadway, New York New York... and the *one* show she won pretty unanimous raves for after the glory days, The Scottsboro Boys. All of them were either seen as unsatisfying artistically or a failure at the box office or both. I'm not going to include the relatively short-run of POTUS because it doesn't seem like her work on it has much to do with its success or failure either way.

That's 8 "flops" all after her 3-4 huge hits.

I'm not saying she's not incredible at what she does when she has the right mix of things to do it with/for... but, if I were a producer, I'm not sure her name would inspire the kind of confidence it once did after SEVEN musicals that were not seen as a success (I won't count Scottsboro against her really, she gave it a fantastic production, the subject matter sank it for any hope of commercial success).

SMASH, however, seems like possibly a good mix of what she does very well.

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