This was reported on Facebook re Isabel Keating’s first “Doubt” performance.
Posted by: kieran 11:27 pm EST 02/08/24

“Tonight on Broadway, Isabel Keating accomplished the impossible - going OFF-BOOK in a LEADING ROLE for the FIRST PREVIEW of ‘DOUBT’ with 24 hours of rehearsal.

“I LOVE understudies (I saw 63 understudies in principal roles in 2023 and keep them all in a little spreadsheet), so I sprinted down to the Haimes and bought one of the last rush tickets for tonight.

“The artistic director & director of the play, Scott Ellis, spoke to us before the performance began. He thanked us for being at first preview, and gave well wishes to Tyne Daly who is expected to resume performances next week.

“Isabel Keating as standby Sister Aloysius Beauvier is the most incredible understudy performance I have EVER seen.

“Scott told us that the understudies were hired 9 DAYS AGO in a strictly observational capacity, with understudy rehearsals beginning sometime after previews. When Tyne fell ill on Friday, they canceled that evening's performance (the original first preview) expecting her to return on Saturday. When later that evening that did not seem likely, Scott turned to Isabel and asked if she was ready to go on.

“Isabel had 24 hours of rehearsal time. Scott said that she had never put on her costume, had never been on the (complex & moving) set, never heard the sound & light cues of the show. The focus shifted to getting her ready to perform for this evening.

“Sister Aloysius is the leading role of DOUBT. She is on-stage for 80% of the show (only off-stage for a few scenes), and has hundreds of lines - many more than the other actors.

“Isabel did the entire show off-script, with all of the blocking and prop work. She milked every funny moment. She sold every heartbreaking moment. She only called for a line once, but did it in-character and you could blink & miss it.

“My mouth was literally agape for the first half of the performance before I remembered my manners.”

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