re: MERRILY-- A naysayer's review
Posted by: Ann 04:35 pm EST 02/07/24
In reply to: re: MERRILY-- A naysayer's review - portenopete 03:39 pm EST 02/07/24

I felt the same about what I saw in the Pinter and what I saw on the screen.

This one I liked very much, OB aƄ one of the first previews. I thought Mendez in particular was tremendous (I'm so sorry she's having to miss so many performances) and Groff and Radcliffe had a nice camaraderie.

But it's the score that is the star. I think it's performed well by this cast and that really makes for an enjoyable visit for a lot of people (unless you don't love the score). But it's a roller coaster of feelings for me (a great ride) and I love having the opportunity to hear it.

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