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Sometimes I wish there was a "Like" button on this site.

Yes, as you say, for all its aggravating flaws this story (or at least its score) still has the power to move me. I saw the Menier production live and admired it very much but when I went to see it in the cinema a year or so after, I found it had lost the charm it had had in that very teeny tiny space. On the afternoon I saw it in London there was a very vibrant connection between Mark Umbers, Damian Humbley and Jenna Russell and I left the theatre in tears. But in the recording that seemed to have dissipated and some of the supporting performances were so glaringly overdone that I found it hard to watch.

But every now and then this 58-year old can also cry for his 16-year old self obsessively playing the LP with his equally Sondheim-mad friend, dreams of Broadway glory dancing in their heads just like Frank and Charley and Mary.

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