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Thanks for this post. Some of us remember how often the heterosexual female characters in LGBTQ+ writers' oeuvre were "analyzed" and reductively determined to be gay men transposed in the lexicon of straight sexual/romantic experience. (And adjacent: the casual homophobia that often informed such critique. John Simon infamously called gay characters and authors "inverts.") It would be nice to say such glibly derogatory explanations were out of fashion. Yet about 5 years ago, I read an entire thread on FB conducted by two (cis-born, gay identifying) men with MFAs in playwriting who trashed Blanche and Martha as "really gay men." And went on to make a case that the two plays containing the women were artificial constructs. Anecdotal evidence is suspect, and these opinions are far from universal. Yet I find them disturbing, and intellectually lazy rather than genuinely thought-provoking. That said, re-casting the "Woolf" quartet with different genders, or no genders, could be fascinating. Expanding through casting-specific interpretation is very different than reading a text and imposing presumptive playwright intention to camouflage.

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