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Albee was among other gay writers who were under attack by writers like Stanley Kauffman, William Goldman and Phillip Roth. Phillip Roth (who I think is a superior artist to Albee) really twisted the knife into Albee by attacked TINY ALICE for its "galling sophistication" and "ghastly pansy rhetoric". But Roth's attack also had some legitimacy to it because he accused Albee of being an inferior artist because his work was closeted in terms of his gay experience. It is an interesting attack. It is from a hostile source and it was then parroted by lesser writers than Roth but it has a grain of truth to it.

I actually miss the "galling sophistication" of writers like Albee and their high modernist styles. Sure, people like Albee probably thought that De Shields playing Martha was vulgar, just another drag show... all very well and good in the right milieu but not to be taken as seriously as Surrealism, Existentialism and Louise Nevelson. They were kind of insufferable but I miss those old standard bearers of the high fallutin' art and literary movements.

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