Talkin' Broadway Sound Advice Recap Week of 10/6/15

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CDs Now Available:

Cry-Baby "Original Studio Cast"
(Broadway Records - new on CD/mp3)
Original studio cast recording of David Javerbaum and Adam Schlesinger's score with 88.4% of the original 2008 Broadway cast. James Snyder, Elizabeth Stanley, Alli Mauzey, Harriet Harris, Chester Gregory II, Christopher J. Hanke, Carly Jibson, Richard Poe, Nick Blaemire, Colin Cunliffe, Meg Buckley, Emily Bindiger, Ari Gold, Steven M. Gold, Adam Schlesinger. "Overture," "The Anti-Polio Picnic," "Watch Your Ass," "I'm Infected," "Squeaky Clean," "Nobody Gets Me," "Nobody Gets Me - Reprise," "Jukebox Jamboree," "A Whole Lot Worse," "Screw Loose," "Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby (Baby Baby)," "Girl, Can I Kiss You With Tongue?," "I'm Infected - Reprise," "You Can't Beat The System," "Act 1 Finale," "Entr'acte," "Misery, Agony, Helplessness, Hopelessness, Heartache and Woe," "Misery, Agony, Helplessness, Hopelessness, Heartache and Woe (Reprise)," "All In My Head," "Jailyard Jubilee," "A Little Upset," "I Did Something Wrong, Once," "Thanks For The Nifty Country," "This Amazing Offer," "Do That Again," "Nothing Bad's Ever Gonna Happen Again."

The Hope of Christmas: Ann Hampton Callaway Sings the Lyrics of William Schermerhorn
(MCG Jazz - new on CD/at iTunes)
All new Christmas music with two new songs by Ann Hampton Callaway, including the title song. Additional new songs by Matthew Sklar and Michael Feinstein. All lyrics by William Schermerhorn. Features twenty-nine of the world's best jazz musicians, including Five Play, New York Voices, Hubert Laws, Claudio Roditi, Gerald Albright, The Ted Rosenthal Trio, and more. All proceeds from the sale of this album go directly to support Manchester Craftsmen's Guild and its mission to preserve, present and promote jazz. "On Union Street," "The Hope of Christmas," "One Star," "Discovery," "I Believe," "I Saw a Sparrow," "Santa Doesn't Like Me," "Christmas Isn't Christmas At All," "I Want to Play Santa," "What Good Is Being Cranky," "My Gift of Thanks," "Fly with the Angels."

It Shoulda Been You OBC
(Ghostlight Records - new on CD)
Barbara Anselmi and Brian Hargrove score. Tyne Daly, Harriet Harris, Lisa Howard, Sierra Boggess, with David Burtka, Montego Glover, Chip Zien, Josh Grisetti, Adam Heller, Michael X. Martin, Anne L. Nathan, Nick Spangler, Farah Alvin, Gina Ferrall, Aaron C. Finley, Mitch Greenberg, Jillian Louis, and Edward Hibbert. "I Never Wanted This," "This Day (Opening)," "Who," "It Shoulda Been You," "Back In The Day," "Perfect," "Nice," "Albert's Turn," "Where Did I Go Wrong," "Beautiful," "A Perfect Ending," "Love You Till The Day," "Jenny's Blues," "Whatever," "A Little Bit Less Than," "What They Never Tell You," "Perfect/Whatever Reprise," "That's Family," "Finale." Also pre-ordering at Ghostlight website. Released earlier on iTunes and mp3.

The Light Princess OLC
(Universal - new on 2 CDs/ mp3/iTunes)Score by Tori Amos and Samuel Adamson. London cast plus exclusive bonus tracks sung by Tori Amos. Cast includes Rosalie Craig, Nick Hendrix, Amy Booth-Steel, Kane Oliver Parry, Hal Fowler and Clive Rowe. Disc 1: "Prologue: Once Upon a Time," "My Own Land," "My Fairy-Story," "Queen Material," "Sealand Supremacy," "Zephyrus Call & Levity," "Althea," "Scandal," "The Gauntlet," "Better Than Good," "The Solution," "Highness in the Sky," "Proverbs & Let the Bells Ring & God, the Horror," "No H2O," "Zephyrus Call Reprise & Althea Reprise," "Darkest Hour," "After Darkest Hour"; Disc 2: "Amphibiava," "Tinkle, Drizzle, Bubble and Gush," "Nothing More Than This, Part One," "Part Two: Queen of the Lake," "Drought," "The Whistleblower," "My Little Girl s Smile," "Bitter Fate," "The Wedding," "Crash in the Universe," "Tears," "Gravity and Epilogue: Once Upon a Time," "Coronation," "Gravity," "Highness in the Sky" (Tori Amos), "Darkest Hour" (Tori Amos). Produced by Amos. Martin Lowe conducting with orchestrations by John Philip Shenale, and vocal arrangements and additional orchestrations by Amos and Lowe. Musical played London's Lyttelton Theatre in 2013.

VINYL ALBUMs Now Available:

If/Then OBC vinyl
(Masterworks Broadway - 2-disc vinyl album)
U.S. Tour commemorative vinyl edition. Limited manufacturing run. 2-LP gatefold set plus digital download card. Tom Kitt/Brian Yorkey score. Idina Menzel, James Snyder, Anthony Rapp, LaChanze, Jenn Colella, Jerry Dixon.

BOOKs Now Available:

Airline Highway: A Play
(Northwestern Univ Press - Paperback Book)
Play by Lisa D'Amour. On Broadway during 2014-2015 season. 160 pages. Published 8/31/15.

Grand Concourse: A Play
(Northwestern Univ Press - Paperback Book)
Play by Heidi Schreck. Performed Off-Broadway in 2014. 144 pages. Published 6/30/15.

Naughty Mabel
(Simon & Schuster - Hardcover Book/Kindle Edition)
By Nathan Lane and Devlin Elliott, illustrated by Dan Krall. For young readers, children ages 4-8. 48 pages.

Playing God: The Bible on the Broadway Stage
(Univ of Michigan Press - Paperback Book/Kindle Edition)
By Henry Bial. Focuses on eleven successful productions, as well as a few notable flops, that highlight the difficulties in adapting the Old and New Testaments for the stage. Combining analysis of play scripts with archival research into the actual circumstances of production and reception. 247 pages.

Razzle Dazzle: The Battle for Broadway
(Simon & Schuster - Hardcover Book/Kindle Edition)
Michael Riedel's "provocative, no-holds-barred narrative account of the people and the money and the power that re-invented an iconic quarter of New York City, turning its gritty back alleys and sex-shops into the glitzy, dazzling Great White Way ... tells the stories of the Shubert Organization and the shows that re-built a city in grand style, revealing the backstage drama that often rivaled what transpired onstage, exposing bitter rivalries, unlikely alliances, and—of course—scintillating gossip. This is a great story, told with wit and passion." 352 pages.


Annaleigh Ashford Live at 54 BELOW: Lost in the Stars
(Broadway Records - new on CD)
Live recording. Features Ashford with songwriter and music director Will Van Dyke and the Whiskey 5 band. Celebrates the classic cabaret with an eclectic mix of music from the disco days of Donna Summer to the haunting melodies of Kurt Weill and Stephen Sondheim to a sing-a-long of Alanis Morrisette. "Overture," "One Night Only," "Donna Summer Medley," Welcome To 54 Below..., "Love Hurts," "Someone Like You/Crazy," What A Great Holiday Song..., "Date With Myself," "Another Time," Miss Kitt..., "Come Rain Or Come Shine," "Hand In My Pocket," Famous Voices..., "Good Enough," "Another Hundred People/Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters," Thank You..., "Last Dance," "For Good," "Lost In The Stars ." Produced by Ashford, Andy Jones, Will Van Dyke, and Derik Lee. Also at special pre-order price at

Frank Sinatra: A Voice On Air (1935-1955)
(Sony/Legacy - new on 4 CDs)
100+ track, 4-CD deluxe box set culled from a collection of rare radio broadcasts and rehearsals restored from the original recording masters (glass and aluminum radio transcription discs and magnetic tape masters) for unprecedented high-fidelity sound. Charts Sinatra's evolution as a vocalist, and includes samples of his radio work from the first twenty years of his amazing career, from his first radio performance in 1935 (singing "S-H-I-N-E" with the Hoboken Four) to his last weekly series in 1955 (The Frank Sinatra Show, featuring ultra-rare performances with an in-studio quintet).

Harold Sanditen: Flyin' High Live at the Crazy Coqs
(LML Music - new on CD)
Live performance of jazz and cabaret performer at at London's Crazy Coqs. "Come Fly with Me / Route 66," "Intro To: Pass That Peace Pipe," "Pass That Peace Pipe," "Rocky Raccoon," "When in Rome (I Do as the Romans Do)," "Intro To: Up on the Roof," "Up on the Roof," "Brazil," "Intro To: The Look of Love," "The Look of Love," "Intro To: I Got the Sun in the Morning," "I Got the Sun in the Morning," "Around the World," "One Night Only / Speak Low," "Never Really Mine to Lose," "Intro To: No More Blues," "No More Blues," "Intro To: In My Life," "In My Life."

John Kander: Hidden Treasures 1950-2015
(Harbinger Records/The Musical Theater Project - new 2-CD set)
Forty-nine tracks include rare demos recorded by Kander and lyricist Fred Ebb, and new recordings. Deluxe 64-page booklet is lavishly illustrated, with extensive notes by Jesse Green that include comments on the songs by Kander himself. Newest edition in Harbinger Records' Songwriter Showcase Series. Disc 1: "I Love Music," (John Kander and Fred Ebb), "Janie," (Kander), "Excerpt from Requiem for Georgie," (Robert Mesrobian, Ray Pitt and Oberlin College Student Cast), "Dance with Me," (Kander), "There's a Room in My House," (John Riddle, Elena Shaddow and David Loud), "My Coloring Book," (Kander), "Happy New Year," (K&E), "A Simple Thing Like That," (K&E), "The Kid Herself," (K&E), "A Quiet Thing," (Kander), "So What?," (K&E), "Guten Abend," (K&E), "It'll All Blow Over," (K&E), "Cabaret), "In His Own Good Time," (K&E), "Walking Among My Yesterdays," (Kander), "Getting Younger Ev'ry Year," (K&E), "If You Leave Me Now," (K&E), "I Have a Friend," (K&E), "Look There," (K&E), "Only Love," (Anita Gillette and David Loud), "Seven O'clock," (K&E), "Coffee in a Cardboard Cup," (K&E), "You Old Bastards," (K&E); Disc 2: "Wait for Me, World," (K&E), "Isn't This Better?," (Kander), "Roxie," (K&E), "Windowpanes Of Rose," (Kander), "It," (K&E), "Good Thing Going," (K&E), "Theme from New York, New York (Original Version)," (K&E), "Theme from New York, New York (Final Version)," (K&E), "I Get My Music from My Dad," (Michael Winther), "Summer with You," (Brent Barrett), "The Man About Town," (K&E), "Not Enough Magic," (K&E), "Man Overboard," (K&E), "Never You," (K&E), "Nobody's Fault," (Karen Ziemba and David Loud), "The Wheel," (Clarke Peters and Jim Laev), "He Always Comes Home To Me," (Linda Emond and Kander), "Nice People," (Jim Newman and Jim Laev), "Military Man," (David Standish, Michael Mccormick and Jim Laev), "The Skin Of Our Teeth," (Brent Barrett), "You Know Me," (Alix Korey and Barbara Walsh), "Look Up," (Julia Murney, Paul Anthony Stewart and Paul Masse), "You, If Anyone," (Lewis Cleale and Greg Pierce), "People Like Us," (Kander and Greg Pierce), "Yes," (K&E). Currently pre-ordering at for pre-release shipping.

Melissa Errico: What About Today? Live at 54 BELOW
(Broadway Records - new on CD)
11 tracks which Melissa has never recorded before, including the title track by David Shire and Bacharach's "The April Fools" and performances of a pair of Michel Legrand classics. Why are actors so nuts?, "What About Today?," Do you like this hair flip?, "The Summer Knows," Those were seals..., "The April Fools," Let's stay at the movies a little longer..., "His Eyes, Her Eyes," How 'bout we do a little Broadway?, "It's An Art," One perfect storm of a song..., "Meadowlark," Where does that leave us?, "Getting Married Today," Time to regroup..., "No More," It doesn t get better than this..., "Small World," "Show Me," "The Heart Is Slow To Learn," I got the idea to write this..., "Gentle Child," I am really bananas about Eydie Gormé..., "What Did I Have That I Don't Have?," "Last Dance," I'm like Cher in Moonstruck!, "How Are Things In Glocca Morra?." Also at special pre-order price at


Added to November 17:

Steve Ross: Good Thing Going, the Songs of Stephen Sondheim
(Harbinger Records/The Musical Theater Project - new on CD)
"Another Hundred People," "Being Alive," "Johanna," "Pretty Women," "The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues," "So Many People," "One More Kiss," "I've Got You to Lean On," "Anyone Can Whistle," "Ah, Paris!," "Too Many Mornings," "Sand," "Who Could Be Blue?," "We're Gonna Be All Right," "Marry Me a Little," "Sorry-Grateful," "Losing My Mind," "Broadway Baby," "Send In the Clowns," "With So Little to Be Sure Of," "Take the Moment," "Goodbye for Now."

Moved to January (digital December 4):

The Hunchback of Notre Dame
(Ghostlight Records - new on CD)
American premiere studio recording of Alan Menken/Stephen Schwartz score. Michael Arden, Patrick Page, Ciara Renée, Andrew Samonsky, Erik Liberman. 25-piece orchestra and a choir of 32. Recorded September 28-30. Waiting list at