Talkin' Broadway Sound Advice Recap Week of 1/22/19 (updated 1/25/19)

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CDs Now Available:

Bulldozer: The Ballad of Robert Moses original Off-Broadway cast
(Broadway Records - new on CD at Amazon)
New rock musical written by Peter Galperin. Constantine Maroulis, Molly Pope, Wayne Wilcox, Ryan Knowles and Kacie Sheik, and a four-piece rock band. "Overture," "Master of the Masterplan I," "Straight Towards the Sun (Preprise)," "The View from My Imagination," "Fresh Cut Flowers," "Masterplan II," "We're Impressed," "You and I," "When the World Isn't Watching," "Masterplan III," "Everybody's Got Something to Hide," "We Like What We Like," "You'll Do It My Way," "Masterplan IV," "Don't You Dare," "There's No One Else," "You Can't See," "Lost All Sense of Direction," "You Better Listen," "Masterplan V," "Voice of the People," "Not Afraid of the Future," "There's No One Else (Reprise)," "Masterplan VI," "Straight Towards the Sun." Also at

(Broadway Records - new on CD at Amazon/on mp3)
Score by Paul Gordon. Kelli Barrett, Caitlin Brooke, Lauren "Coco" Cohn, Adam Daveline, Richert Easley, Timothy Gulan, Brian Herndon, Pamela Winslow Kashani, Dani Marcus, Don Richard, Sharon Rietkerk, and Will Reynolds. "Queen Anne's Lace," "I Made the Match Myself," "Relations," "A Gentleman's Daughter," "The Portrait," "The Argument," "Should We Ever Meet," "Have a Piece of Cake," "Mr. Robert Martin," "Home," "The Recital," "Pride and Sense," "So This Is How Love Feels," "Humiliation," "Emma," "Stranger Things Have Happened," "The Epiphany," "Badly Done," "Emma (Reprise)," "Finale." Also at The full musical is available at

Goldstein original Off-Broadway cast
(Broadway Records - new on CD at Amazon)
Score by Michael Roberts. Farah Alvin, Julie Benko, Amie Bermowitz, Aaron Galligan-Stierle, Zal Owen, Sarah Beth Pfeifer and Jim Stanek. "They Are Here," "Up Ahead," "I'm Still Me," "Honest As the Day Is Long," "When We Look Back," "Tell Me All," "Boys," "Visiting Your Mother," "Beloved," "Standing Beside You," "Have You Met My Parents," "For the Best," "Sherri's Reprise." Also at

Indecent OBC
(Yellow Sound Label - new on CD/on mp3/at iTunes)
Score composed by Lisa Gutkin and Aaron Halva, plus period songs that were heard throughout the production. Featuring Mimi Lieber, Katrina Lenk, Max Gordon Moore, Tom Nelis, Steven Rattazzi, Richard Topol and Adina Verson, and musicians Matt Darriau (clarinet, bass clarinet, tin whistle), Lisa Gutkin (violin, mandolin, wood block), and Aaron Halva (accordion, baritone ukulele, piano, percussion). Katrina Lenk is also featured on viola. "Opening: Ghost Waltz," "Ale Brider," "Suitcase Song: Ich hob' nach einen koffer in Berlin," "Tour, Torah, and Ellis Island," "Welcome to Amerike: Vot can you makh?," "God of Vengeance on the Bowery," "The English Debut," "Rifkele and Manke Secret Kiss," "Ain't We Got Fun? / Ain't We Got Anguish?," "Sarah Onstage," "Broadway and the Arrest," "Dorothee and Reina Secret Kiss," "Lemml's Welcome to Eugene O'Neill," "Old Devil Sea," "Sunrise Over Staten Island / Lemml Goes Home," "Bei Mir Bistu Shein," "Letter from Poland," "Stars Lament / Ghost Waltz," "From Dust to the Attic Freyleks," "Attic Rain," "Wiegela," "Finale: Old Asch / Rifkele and Manke in the Rain." Produced by Michael Croiter, Lisa Gutkin and Aaron Halva. Daryl Roth, Elizabeth Ireland McCann and Cody Lassen served as Executive Producers. Also at

Mutiny! OLC
(Stage Door Records - new import CD at Amazon)
1985 musical written by David Essex and Richard Crane. Digitally remastered. Cast includes David Essex as Fletcher Christian, Frank Finlay, Sinitta, Simon Packham, Anthony Johncock, Patrick Clancy, Nicola Blackman, Frank Olegario, "New World," "Friends," "The Storm," "Failed Cape Horn," "Saucy Sal," "The Lash ," "Welcome," "Wardance," "Tahiti," "Breadfruit / Will You Come Back?," "Hell," "Freedom," "Falling Angels Riding," "Bligh's Speech," "I'll Go No More a Roving." Also at, shipping a week earlier.

Songs for a New World
(Ghostlight Records - new on CD/on mp3/at iTunes)
Score by Jason Robert Brown. 2018 City Center Encores! Off-Center cast recording. Cast includes Shoshana Bean, Colin Donnell, Mykal Kilgore, and Solea Pfeiffer. Disc 1: "Opening: The New World," "On the Deck of a Spanish Sailing Ship, 1492," "Just One Step," "I'm Not Afraid of Anything," "The River Won't Flow," "'A new world calls me in the darkness...' (Transition)," "Stars and the Moon," "She Cries," "The Steam Train." Disc 2: "The World Was Dancing," "Surabaya-Santa," "Christmas Lullaby," "King of the World," "I'd Give It All for You," "'A new world promised it would teach me...' (Transition)," "The Flagmaker, 1775," "Flying Home," "'It's about one moment' (Transition)," "Hear My Song." Produced by Jeffrey Lesser and Jason Robert Brown, with Stacey Mindich serving as executive producer.


Be More Chill karaoke version
(Ghostlight Records - new digital album on mp3/at iTunes)
Tracks without the lead vocals from the original cast recording of the score by Joe Iconis. "More Than Survive," "I Love Play Rehearsal," "The Squip Song," "Two-Player Game," "A Guy That I'd Kinda Be Into," "Michael in the Bathroom," and "The Pitiful Children." Released in coordination with a Be More Chill karaoke contest.

Follies London cast
(Arts Music/Warner Classics/National Theatre - new on mp3/at iTunes)
2017 National Theatre cast album. Stephen Sondheim score. Cast includes Imelda Staunton, Philip Quast, Janie Dee, Peter Forbes, and Tracie Bennett. "Prologue," "Beautiful Girls," "Don't Look At Me," "Waiting for the Girls Upstairs," "Rain on the Roof / Ah, Paris! / Broadway Baby (Medley)," "The Road You Didn't Take," "In Buddy's Eyes," "Who's That Woman?," "I'm Still Here," "Too Many Mornings," "The Right Girl," "One More Kiss," "Could I Leave You," "Loveland," "You're Gonna Love Tomorrow / Love Will See Us Through (Medley)," "Buddy's Blues," "Losing My Mind," "The Story of Lucy and Jessie," "Live, Laugh, Love," "End of Show." Recorded in January 2018. Released 1/18/19. CD format expected sometime in the future.

VINYL LPs Now Available:

Pretty Woman: The Musical OBC vinyl
(Atlantic - new 2-LP set)
Original Broadway cast recording of Bryan Adams score. Cast includes Samantha Barks, Andy Karl, Orfeh, Eric Anderson, Ezra Knight, and Jason Danieley. "Welcome to Hollywood," "Anywhere But Here," "Something About Her (Preamble)," "Something About Her," "Luckiest Girl in The World," "Rodeo Drive," "Anywhere But Here (Reprise)," "On A Night Like Tonight," "Don't Forget to Dance," "Freedom," "You're Beautiful," "Welcome to Our World (More Champagne)," "This Is My Life," "Never Give Up on A Dream," "You and I," "I Can't Go Back," "Freedom (Reprise)," "Long Way Home," "Together Forever," "You and I (Edit)." Special 2-LP red vinyl edition. Disc: 1: "Welcome to Hollywood," "Anywhere but Here," "Something About Her (Preamble)," "Something About Her," "Luckiest Girl in the World." Disc: 2: "Rodeo Drive," "Anywhere but Here (Reprise)," "On a Night Like Tonight," "Don't Forget to Dance," "Freedom," "You're Beautiful." Disc: 3: "Welcome to Our World (More Champagne)," "This Is My Life," "Never Give Up on a Dream," "You and I." Disc: 4: "Can't Go Back," "Freedom (Reprise)," "Long Way Home," "Together Forever," "You and I (Edit)." Released 1/18/19. Released on CD, mp3 and at iTunes earlier.

BOOKs Now Available:

Broadway and the Blacklist
(McFarland - Paperback Book)
By K. Kevyne Baar. Explores theatre during the era of McCarthyism: the Theatre Guild; the short life and death of the Federal Theatre Project; the investigations of the motion picture and television industries, and of Broadway, by the HUAC; and the role of the three major performing arts unions. Includes many photos from the author's personal collection, and appendices provide a discussion of McCarthy's role, the memos of investigator Dolores Faconti Scott, a list of prominent witnesses in the HUAC hearings, and reactions by the unions in the decades following the blacklist. 200 pages.


Rent soundtrack of the Fox Live television event
(Masterworks Broadway - new on 2 CDs/on mp3/at iTunes)
Soundtrack from the January 27, 2019, television program. Cast includes Vanessa Hudgens, Brandon Victor Dixon, Mario, Tinashe, Kiersey Clemons, Jordan Fisher, Brennin Hunt, Valentina, and Keala Settle. [Amazon link for CD version should start working soon.]


American Political Plays in the Age of Terrorism
(Methuen Drama - Paperback Book)
Introduction by Allan Havis. Includes Break of Noon by Neil LaBute, 7/11 by Kia Corthron, Omnium Gatherum by Theresa Rebeck and Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros, Columbinus by PJ Paparelli and Stephen Karam, Why Torture is Wrong, and the People Who Love Them by Christopher Durang. 352 pages.


Added, no release date:

Robbie Rozelle: Songs from Inside My Locker
(Broadway Records - new album)
To be recorded February 23 and March 1, 2019 at Feinstein's/54 Below. Written by Robbie Rozelle. Musical direction and arrangements by Josh D. Smith. Six-piece band The Two Drink Minimum. Special guests include Bonnie Milligan (Head Over Heels) and Maya Days (Aida).