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Regional Reviews: Philadelphia

Meet Me at Dawn
Inis Nua Theatre Company
Review by Rebecca Rendell

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Hannah Gold and Jackie Soro
Photo by Eyes Wide Studios
A love story, a myth, and an epic tragedy, Meet Me at Dawn is now making its American premiere with the Inis Nua Theatre Company in Philadelphia. Written by Scottish playwright Zinnie Harris and skillfully directed by Sam Tower, this powerful production raises questions about our most intimate relationships and deepest fears. Can you love a person so much that it becomes impossible to live without them? How does someone actually work through their grief? Do we ever control our own hearts and minds? The answers are as beautiful and painful as love itself.

Meet Me at Dawn tells the story of a young couple, Robyn and Helen, who become stranded on a mysterious island after a boating accident. The women worry that they will get dangerously cold or thirsty before help can arrive, but when they encounter a strange lady and an uncanny insect they need to start worrying about more existential dangers. The play explores themes of grief, loss, love, and the human connection in a dreamlike setting.

Hannah Gold and Jackie Soro play Robyn and Helen. The pair have a spellbinding chemistry. Gold delivers a powerful and nuanced performance that captures the emotional depth and complexity of Robyn's experience. Soro brings the perfect blend of intensity and tenderness. Both convey a deep sense of vulnerability that draws the audience into their strange and beautiful world.

Jill Keys' beautifully textured set design is evocative yet surreal. Isabella Gil's dramatic lighting creates an ethereal atmosphere. Eliana Fabiyi's impressive sound design adds to the play's mystical and otherworldly tone. The set, lighting, sound and music create a sense of unease and wonder that is absolutely riveting.

Meet Me at Dawn is a deeply moving love story that showcases the immense talent of its actors and creative team. It's a must-see for anyone interested in theater that explores the human experience in a unique and thought-provoking way.

Meet Me at Dawn runs through March 5, 2023, at the Louis Bluver Theater at the Drake, 302 S. Hicks Street, Philadelphia PA. Tickets are $30. For tickets and information, please call 215-454-9776 or visit

Hannah: Gold
Jackie: Soro

Director: Sam Tower
Understudy: Satchel Williams
Set Designer: Jill Keys
Sound Designer: Eliana Fabiyi
Lighting Designer: Isabella Gill
Costume Designer: Tiffany Bacon
Props Designer: J. Bean Schwab
Dramaturg: Chelsea Drumel
Dialect: Coach Leonard Kelly
Cellist: Lisa Stein