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Odd Man Out
Bristol Riverside Theatre
Review by Rebecca Rendell

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The Cast
Photo by Tyger Williams
Let me start by confessing that I was skeptical walking into Bristol Riverside Theatre and Pitch Black Immersive Experiences's production of Odd Man Out. Could a play performed in a pitch black theater hold my interest? Would the addition of scents and physical sensations feel gimmicky? What if I fell asleep before the show was over? I left the theater with tears in my eyes, an ache in my heart, and an important lesson on my mind. Theater that forces us to alter our perspective can be an incredibly powerful and deeply engaging experience.

Our narrator for Odd Man Out is Alberto, a jazz musician flying home to Buenos Aires, Argentina, after many years of living and working in New York City. During the long flight Alberto befriends a pair of fellow passengers and ends up sharing his fascinating life story. Alberto is completely blind and the audience experiences the flight and various scenes from his youth in an increasingly unstable Argentina in absolute darkness. It is a moving story, and experiencing it in the blackout that Alberto has known all his life heightens our sense of empathy and gives the audience a unique connection to the actors on stage.

The production is co-directed by playwright Martín Bondone, Facundo Bogarin, and Carlos Armesto. Bristol Riverside Theatre's small venue Rehearsal Studio has been completely transformed for this extraordinary event. The lobby has been re-imagined as an airport lounge, and a state-of-the-art 360-degree binaural audio system has been installed in the theater. Seamlessly delivered smells, tactile objects, and water and wind effects elevate the entire experience.

Odd Man Out was first developed in Buenos Aires by Teatro Ciego, a company of blind and low-vision artists with a unique approach to making theater in complete darkness. The show was translated into English and further developed by Theatre C, a New York City-based immersive theater company. That experience and refinement are evident in this well-executed production. The cast of international artists include sighted, blind, and low vision performers from Peru, Argentina, and Costa Rica. I highly recommend getting on this flight before it, and these incredible artists, take off.

Odd Man Out runs through December 18, 2022, at Bristol Riverside Theatre, Rehearsal Studio, 201 Cedar Street, Bristol PA. Performances will be presented in both Spanish and English depending on the performance date and time. For information and tickets, please visit or call 215-785-0100.

Gonzalo Trigueros as Alberto Rinaldi
Andrés Montejo
Carmen Borla
Lorenza Bernasconi
Agustina Cedraschi
Esteban Arias