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Regional Reviews: Las Vegas

Broken Bone Bathtub
Majestic Repertory Theatre
Review by Mary LaFrance

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Siobhan O'Loughlin
Photo by Zack DeZon
Actress Siobhan O'Loughlin had a bike accident in Brooklyn. And she turned it into a national tour.

Based on journal entries that she wrote during her long recovery, Broken Bone Bathtub is the story of O'Loughlin's accident and its aftermath. Like many New Yorkers living in tight quarters, O'Loughlin's flat had only a shower, not a bathtub. With her broken hand in a heavy cast, she relied on the kindness of friends who let her use their bathtubs and even helped her to bathe.

It's an intimate, immersive piece, performed in the bathroom of a private home, where O'Loughlin tells her tale and invites conversation while up to her neck in a bubble bath except for her cast-encased hand. She is equal parts storyteller, confessor, patient, and therapist. Her story takes us from the accident through the healing process, but with plenty of digressions as she muses about the nature of human connections.

O'Loughlin is a gifted writer and storyteller. Her style is straightforward and completely unmannered, as though she were simply your friend (or, depending on your age, your daughter or granddaughter's friend). She puts the audience at ease, deftly drawing them into her story, and occasionally getting them to assist with her bath. She involves everyone in the room, even those hiding at the back.

This is kinder, gentler immersive theatre. And a terrific piece of art.

Ms. O'Loughlin wraps up her all-too-short Las Vegas run this weekend, but her next stops are Fresno and Denver. Book your tickets early.

Broken Bone Bathtub, through August 19, 2018. The location is disclosed upon ticket purchase. For tickets ($30 general admission) or further information, visit The show then moves to Fresno (August 21 only) and Denver (various dates, Sept. 6-23).