Who wrote the lyrics?
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Unless I missed it, the article doesn't mention who wrote the lyrics. Was it George? Unlikely? Was it Ira or someone else? Then say so!

A little Googling found me this in a University of Michigan Gershwin initiative website:

"La, La, Lucille is a bedroom farce, which one critic described as “a riotous syncopation of negligees, racy lines and embarrassing situations.”[7] The book is by Fred Jackson (1886–1953), who was known for writing in this popular subgenre,[8] with lyrics primarily by Buddy DeSylva (1895–1950) and Arthur J. Jackson (1893–1922), Fred’s younger brother, for whom this was a first venture into musical comedy.[9] Additional songs included lyrics by Irving Caesar (1895–1996), and Lou Paley (1885–1952); the one contribution by Ira Gershwin, joining forces with DeSylva, was dropped. The production opened on Broadway on May 26, 1919,[10] and it was suspended on August 19 when Actor’s Equity Association called the first strike in American theatre history.[11] It reopened from September 8 to October 11 and began touring just days later,[12] playing throughout the Northeast until February 1920 and later California in September 1922. A silent film was also released in July 1920, but is regrettably assumed to be lost.[13]"

Forgive me for not including the footnotes.


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