New farce by Matt Morillo (March 21 to April 14)
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An outrageous play about outrage culture

Imagine "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice," but appropriate for modern audiences


March 21 to April 14, 2024

The Sargent Theater at The American Theater of Actors, 314 West 54th St, New York

Presented by Randomly Specific Theatre
Tuesdays - Saturdays @ 8:00 pm, Sundays @ 3:00 pm

Tickets $40.00. Box office: 646-371-4368

Running time: 80 minutes

NEW YORK -- If you're a sex addict, making your autobiography "appropriate for modern audiences" might involve getting the input of diverse voices, including consultants, advisors, and community representatives, who would provide insights and perspectives to ensure that the book is respectful and inclusive. Sounds complex? It's a recipe for outrageous comedy in "All-American Sex Addict/Woke AF," a brainy new farce by Matt Morillo. Randomly Specific Theatre will present the piece March 21 to April 14 at Sargent Theater of The American Theater of Actors, 314 West 54th Street.

The brash adult satire debuted in 2018 Hollywood Fringe and makes its NY debut now after being delayed by the pandemic. Phoebe Leonard Dettmann directs. Mr. Morillo is author of seven plays in various genres including the durable comedy "Angry Young Women in Low Rise Jeans with High Class Issues," which was produced 2006-2011 in multiple engagements OB, OOB, Hollywood and Sydney, Australia.

Jack, a self-proclaimed sex-addict and his estranged girlfriend, Ashley, try and put their relationship back together while attempting to write their story into a movie that doesn't offend anyone. This proves harder than they thought as it seems everyone is offended by something different. Riley, Jack's former fling, is livid about how he over-sexualized her avant garde performance art. Jose, also a jilted lover, chimes in with his views on the problematic representation of the LGBTQ community. And Jack's upstairs neighbor, Andie, a bi-racial intellectual, has her own thoughts on what makes someone "woke AF." Over the course of an evening as an unseasonal blizzard rages outside, they attempt to agree on why and at what point do even the best of intentions do more harm than good?

Don't understand the title? You're not alone. The Urban Dictionary defines "woke AF" as "knowing everything is an illusion of the mind. Mainly the more extreme version of 'woke' encapsulating higher dimensional and abstract thought. One achieves this 'woke AF' philosophy after ingesting a very high dosage of DMT, mushrooms, or any other hallucinogenic substance."

The actors are Peter Buck Dettmann, Mateo Parodi, Danielle Aziza, Shelby Allison Brown and Alex Mayer. Stage Manager is Lucy Roberts. Lighting Design is by Maile Binion. Choreography is by Danielle Aziza. Set design is by Phoebe Leonard Dettmann.

Playwright Matt Morillo, originally a film maker, made an auspicious theatrical debut in 2006 with "Angry Young Women In Low Rise Jeans With High Class Issues." The comedy was presented OOB, followed by multiple engagements in Hollywood and Sydney (Australia) and return engagements at Theater for the New City in 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2011, but never seemed to exhaust its audience. It was followed by a thoughtful comedy, "All Aboard the Marriage Hearse" (2008), and Morillo's first serious play, "American Soldiers" (2010), a family drama about a woman war veteran's return to her home in Long Island. In 2011, Morillo returned in comic form with "The Inventor and The Escort," a sex comedy about two people looking for love in all the wrong places. It subsequently went on to an acclaimed Los Angeles run and won the Teapot Award for Outstanding Theater Performance at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. His serio-comedy "Allen Wilder 2.0 " (2016) was a comedy of bungled romance in Levittown, LI between two mid-lifers: one who ran away and one who stayed. His last New York production was "Katy and Jennifer vs. The Flasher on New Year's" (2023), a comedy of two young women confronted by a creepy flasher whom they have inadvertently buzzed into their building.

Morillo's last three projects have all debuted on the West Coast: "All American Sex Addict Woke/AF" (2018), "If We Run" (2019) and a comedy web series, "Mister Harmac," which is currently airing on YouTube. He has also taken up standup comedy; his appearance schedule is on Instagram at @mattmorillo.

Morillo's "Angry Young Women in Low Rise Jeans with High Class Issues," "All Aboard the Marriage Hearse" and "American Soldiers" have all been published by Samuel French Inc.

Prior to his theatrical shift, Morillo was a fixture on the New York independent film scene for ten years. He debuted at age 23 with his romantic comedy, "The Pretenders," a film with a cast of unknowns and a non-existent budget that became an enjoyable, funny and ultimately touching film about twenty-somethings struggling with life's ups and downs. His next project, "Good Tidings," was a fifteen-minute short film about a young girl suffering through her parents' divorce. It received great praise at film festivals for its realism and honesty. Morillo's third film, "Maid Of Honor," was a true breakthrough. A twenty-five minute comedy about a simple guy trying to hook up with the maid of honor at a wedding, it was a hit on the festival circuit, winning three awards, playing to sold-out theaters and leaving audiences laughing and begging for copies of the film. He returned to on-camera productions with an "Angry Young Women in Low Rise Jeans with High Class Issues" web series in 2013.

Director Phoebe Leonard Dettmann is an actor, writer, director and founding member of Randomly Specific Theatre ( She first met Matt Morillo in 2007 when she appeared in the Australian Premiere of "Angry Young Women in Low Rise Jeans With High Class Issues." She writes that she directed Morillo's "Katy and Jennifer vs. The Flasher on New Year's" last year "after fifteen years of fast friendship and countless all you can eat sushi and saki nights" through which he became cognizant of her wit and great good humor. Her Australian theater credits include: "Stairwell" (Actor/Writer) at Old Fitzroy in Sydney. Her New York credits include "Secondary Pitch," "Learning To Skip," "Accumulated Heartbreak Disorder" (Actor/Writer), "Koalas Are Dicks," "Arbuckle Syndrome" and "Fistful of Cake Pocketful of Miracles" (Director) for Randomly Specific Theatre and "Othello: The Panther" and "Salome: Princess of N'Orleans" at Rebel Theatre.

?Randomly Specific Theatre was founded in 2014 by Larry Phillips, Peter Buck Dettmann and Phoebe Leonard. Over the last ten years they have developed and produced eighteen original plays in Off-Off and Off- Broadway theaters around New York City and collaborated with over 130 actors, directors, stage managers and designers. (

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