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I think you are right. I have written about one aspect of this several times, including here. I have a gripe with the way some/most? people use the word "classic." My argument is that it is impossible to know or even guess if someone or something is going to endure over the ages (which, in turn, is how I define a classic) so long as the folks doing the labeling were alive at the time (and are still alive now). We see examples of this on this board and elsewhere all the time. People love what they grew up with and can't imagine those things always being memorable. But very few people or things of a period emerge in future consciousness. There were a huge number of kapellmeisters writing music at the same time as Bach. How many can the most musically literate of us name? And writing plays was not a rare occupation in Shakespeare's days. But again, how many can we name? I know a lot of them. How many is that? 50? How many contemporary playwrights can you write down on a legal pad if I give you from now until St. Patrick's Day (no cheating and no drinking until the deadline).

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