Posted by: HadriansMall 06:11 pm EST 02/19/24

As I can’t control my need to see new musicals (no matter how much I think I might not enjoy them) I caught a matinee of THE NOTEBOOK Saturday.

I think my enjoyment was somewhat enhanced by absolutely no knowledge of either the book or the movie (romance as a genre is not generally my thing). You can see most of the plot points coming like freight trains but it doesn’t matter. The very very talented cast put them across and practically twist your elbow until the tears come. And they came for a good many people in the audience (included this jaded 40 something).

The score is mostly serviceable but occasionally reaches greatness. I’m not familiar with the composer (other than seeing her perform in GReAT COMET) but the show would have IMO benefited from a more seasoned musical theatre lyricist. The lyrics let down some of the beautiful melodies.

The real star for me was the direction. Some stunning moments and some great choices to smooth over the less stunning moments.

I thought I’d dislike , I didn’t. Give it a chance if you enjoy new works.

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