That’s not my interpretation of doubt
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It’s a beautiful ending since it does leave a lot to interpret

1) she wonders of the priest is guilty. I think it’s clear he is. When she bluffs that she contacted the previous parish he doesn’t argue and leaves this one. But maybe she still doubts his guilt

2). Does she wonder if she did the right action. By forcing the priest to leave it is now another parish that he can prey upon the children. She doesn’t known if should have watched him closely and ended it now or push the problem on to another parish (which is what the church did in many cases). Also a nun challenging a priest is not the way the church works. She doubts her own action was correct.

3). She doubts her faith. How can God let such evil lurk and flourish within the walls of a church? Why didn’t God strike him down? How can evil go unpunished? She has such doubt in her faith.

There are probably other interpretations

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