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If they knew they were going to have to make way for Billy Elliott, I would think for the reasons I mentioned earlier that it would have made sense to make the move earlier rather later. Percentage of capacity did go up for a while at the Music Box, even if it never hit the 90s. If it was clear that they were never going to sell out the Imperial except perhaps for isolated weekend performances (and maybe never for any of those), it would make sense to be in a smaller house. Oddly, at one time shows that were running down often moved to bigger houses, partly because they would sell the balcony for so little, and there would be lots of balcony seats. The Broadway was often the theatre to which shows moved as generally speaking new shows done by top people didn't want the Broadway. Even plays occasionally moved there. (Gypsy was a rare exception in opening at the Broadway, mostly because they got a great deal, but later moving to the Imperial. And Gypsy even sold out at the Broadway for several months.) But for some time now, balcony seats have not been sold for so little that virtually everyone can afford them.

They may also have been told that if they didn't take the Music Box when they did, another show might book it. Also, they may have been offered a good deal for moving sooner rather than later.

They must have known they would have to move when they booked the Imperial, so moving costs may have been factored into the capitalization.

The change in reporting grosses started June 1, 2009.

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