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Posted by: Chazwaza 03:38 am EST 02/16/24
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I don't have "ire" here, and I am "hanging" on the ... words... he ... wrote... because that is exactly and exclusively what I'm responding to.

You two are the only people, anonymous online posters or in real life who I've heard think the play is written as New Yorkers but set in Paris AND have *such* a problem with it. I have admittedly not read many reviews of it.

I don't think it's "anti-knowledge" to say that I question whether or not your ear for and observation of Parisian French families is so sensitive and wide that you know no Parisian Jewish people talk like they do... AND that you feel so clear on this that you can not just blame the performances and direction, but the words on the page too.

I have not spent enough time in Paris to not be able to let the play be the play. Perhaps you're right. I may not be Parisian, but I am Jewish. Either way, it didn't change much for me. If it made it impossible for you to take the play seriously or have any effect or engagement for you, okay, I'm not trying to argue your experience.

I'm also not arguing that it's manqué, and could have been better. I actually don't think as much of Harmon as a writer as many do (I found Significant Other massively overrated -- but was really excited by Bad Jews)... but I clearly got more out of the experience of watching the play than you did.

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