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Posted by: ryhog 07:43 pm EST 02/13/24
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I am generally skeptical of the theatre info coming from the source of that article, but beyond that, it is too fuzzy. I assume it is based on the offering papers or gossip about them but at what attendance and what prices? Following your math, they would recoup the $3+million, without any additional sales. (net gross minus breakeven times 13.) But like I say, it is fuzzy. What is the revenue per seat that results in the 98% capacity? How would that track to the Belasco where I think most would agree that the equivalent seat probably values higher on average (i.e., that there are seats that in the same position that are better and would support a higher relative pricetag.) And of course if the demand for the mezz is high enough that it makes economic sense to open the balcony, that gives you 200 MORE seats, at almost no cost or effort. Not to mention dynamic pricing. Finally there are many analysts who would say it is better to hold back the balc even if you are confident you can sell it. Once 13 weeks of orch+mezz are sold, you wouldn't threaten those sales when you make the cheap seats available. Sorry for the hodgepodge response but I just wanted to point out that the article really does not tell us enough to make sense.

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