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This is a new trend that is driving me nuts here: people posting about random happenings with no context at all - opera, concerts, seminars, webcasts, etc. - but in a way that seems to assume that all the rest of us automatically know what is being discussed.
Here we have a post made in late afternoon (EST) referencing “a fun evening”…. but with no other information at all. Did this happen in person or online? In what time zone? In Los Angeles last night, or did it just end a few minutes ago in London?
I can only assume this is in America- obviously we’re all aware most of the country, never mind the world, is not in NYC and doesn’t revolve around Duffy Square- and I’m sure I could find the answer somewhere online. But the first Google result for “Richard Skipper Hello Dolly” links to a page about livestreams he did during the pandemic.
It sure would be nice to feel like you can follow a new thread on this board without feeling like you need to do Internet research.

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