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Good question that I can't really answer because I had 20-20 vision in those days, and I probably could have read them from most anywhere in the house. I'm sure not everyone could. Also, the first time I saw it, I was pretty close, row F or G on house left. Some of what was written on some of the T-shirts changed a bit during previews, and sometimes I sat in the rear orchestra, but I had already seen them by then, and, again, my eyesight was great back then. I wish it were that great now.

When they first started taking off their graduation robes revealing their T-shirts, in my experience there were always some laughs about the content. And I think not necessarily confined to the front rows, but it's hard to be sure at this point.

I wish I could answer the question better.

With the Fiasco production, I was upstairs the first time and rear orchestra the second time, and I had no idea that the two fans of Franklin Shepard in the Coq d'Or scene were wearing Musical Husbands T-shirts. I knew they were wearing T-shirts that said something, but i couldn't read it, and that orchestra is much smaller than the Alvin's (Neil Simon's). Having said that, I think they went to some trouble in 1981 to make the T-shirts as easy to read as possible, which I think they did not do so much in the Fiasco production.

Anyway, changing the subject a bit, those T-shirts in the Fiasco production were anachronistic.

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