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Dominique Morisseau's three hander about, among other things, the legacy of the Black Panthers has an absorbing depth of characterization in both the writing and the first rate performances. Playing two characters who survive by petty street crime, Moses Ingram and J. Alphonse Nicholson are giving performances that are breathtaking in the richness of their believability. If Morisseau had only focused on this complex relationship, by turns endearing and ruthless, she would have written a great play. But the third character, a former black revolutionary has none of the convincing portraiture of her other two characters and is somewhat of a cipher even at the play's end. As an allegory of revolutionary change (what is failure and what is success and what can be done with its legacy) I wasn't sure what it all meant. Morisseau is also a born storyteller and packs the play with moments of suspense that are enjoyable but often feel stretched. But two superb characterizations out of three are not bad, especially with writing and performances this brilliant.

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