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You may never like Aaron's performance in the show (or you might). But a single factor is not going to dictate the reception he ultimately gets. I think we can all agree he is not going to dig down into his core and find a baritone lurking inside his body, and I suspect that if he attempted it, it would seem utterly wrong. He is not going to sound like Cariou or Hearn (or Groban) but, to paraphrase a note that a well-known (and no longer with us) director gave to an actor in my presence, "remember that no part of your [Aaron's] assignment is to portray [Len Cariou et al]; your job is to find within you [Benjamin Barker]. Now Aaron may never find Barker, but he is a fine actor (something I don't think we would say about Josh) and just may surprise you. (Or not.) And my entire point initially was that nothing in what you heard provides sufficient foundation for your conclusion. Unless, that is, being a tenor is a deal breaker for you, and that's your prerogative.

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