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I just wanted to alert the New Yorkers on this site that there is an absolutely delightful revival of A GENTLEMAN's GUIDE TO LOVE AND MURDER happening right now in Brooklyn Heights at Heights Players. This is a small three quarter thrust venue and the show really fits perfectly in the space. The theatre is hidden in a residential area of the neighborhood and you'd never even know it was there unless you were literally walking by it, but it's very accessible if you DO know it's there...just a short walk from the A/C at High Street, the 2/3 at Clark Street, or the many train options around Borough Hall and Jay Street/Metrotech.

Director is Noel MacDuffie, who helmed Gallery Players' recent ASSASSINS and THE ORESTEIA and directed a revival of XANADU a year ago in this same venue. Cannot say enough about the cleverness of his work here and I hope he gets the chance to work in larger arenas.

This is definitely worth the trek down to Brooklyn. Short run though...only tonight and Sunday afternoon and next weekend on Friday and Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.
Link Heights Players website for Tickets

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