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I guess I'm naive. I'd like to believe that performers don't enjoy missing performances, except for health issues, and don't casually call in sick.

As for Tony voting season, I imagine performers, especially nominated ones, really don't want to miss shows and risk going unseen by Tony voters, let alone affecting their show's Tony chances overall. I think Jaquel Spivey (''A Strange Loop'') was the front-runner to win the Tony for Best Actor in a Musical. But I think his various absences during the crucial Tony voting period might've hurt him. And if the Best Actor race was close, that might've been enough to help ''M.J.'s'' Myles Frost upset and win the Tony. (Frost had lost to Spivey at the Outer Critics Circle and the Drama Desk Awards.)

Usually, if a nominated performer is out of a show, the publicists will try to reschedule the voters into another performance. However, if you're an out-of-town Tony voter who's only around for the week or so, you might not have the flexibility to rejuggle your schedule.

Overall, ''A Strange Loop'' underperformed at the Tonys, and who can say why, but it's rare for a Best Musical winner to walk away with only 2 Tonys (the other being Book). ''A Strange Loop'' came into Tony night with a leading 11 Tony nominations. I believe a Best Musical winner hasn't come away with only 2 Tonys since 1972: ''Two Gentlemen of Verona,'' which also won only Best Musical and Book, out of 8 Tony nominations.

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