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I only saw it because the tour stopped in sf. I would not have seen it in nyc. I saw a production about 25 years ago in Oakland CA paramount theater. I don’t own the cd. So it’s not a show I care for. I found this production rather lack luster. Dancing was just ok. Performances were over all good but I’m not a big fan of black screaming vocals (like screamgirls) that the audience loves. Besides ease on down, I am not really a fan of the score but clearly people around me know many of the songs.

I saw MJ last Friday and have to say I enjoyed that a lot more. I know the songs, I found the dancing (footwork) amazing and Michael is just an interesting odd person at the center of the story. Dorothy is as bland as they come for a lead character.

What is interesting is the audience demographics that a majority of the wiz audience was black last night (at least around me in side orchestra) and MJ was mostly white. Both are subscription shows so I was a little surprised at the difference.

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