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Sorry that it's taken me a week to reply, BroadwayTonyJ. There's a lot going on in my life right now.

Thank you for posting about that. I later found this from a group of questions submitted to him that he answered on audiotape, which was transcribed and posted on the now-gone site, around 1994 or so (when I'm not sure I even knew what the internet was).

Question: Will Evening Primrose ever be issued on home video, or re-released to television or cable?

Answer: I don't think Evening Primrose will ever be issued or released. It could conceivably be re-released, but it will never be issued for home video or cable. The rights are very tightly controlled by the Collier estate. There have been numerous efforts over the years to do it for the stage. Not only do Jim Goldman and I not want to go back to it, but the Collier estate only gave us the television rights, and I doubt if that includes any kind of public sales of the video.

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