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Posted by: ryhog 11:21 pm EST 11/28/23
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You are of course 100% right about what you say, which is the average inflation rate. The point of the cheeseburger is that everything does not travel at the averages. Theatre, we know, does not. There are a number of data points. First, many/most elements cost a lot more for a variety of reasons. (Labor, technology, and so on.) And at a different pole, the product is a luxury one so the law of supply and demand is in full force. (It's also a depleting asset.) Pricing is not static. Like the airlines, and the fruit stand, it is dynamic. To me it is a very interesting subject. It is tempting to use the $5 ticket as something to grab onto but the truth is, in 1956, I think there were more people who could not afford to spend $5 than there are folks today who cannot spend $100. Yes there are many constituencies and a lot of those in heavy representation here see it differently. I'm glad, at least, that I was able to get you to appreciate cheeseburgers.

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