Thanksgiving Weekend Theatre Thoughts
Posted by: HadriansMall 03:09 pm EST 11/28/23

Was in NYC from the West Coast for Thanksgiving and took in a few shows. Some thoughts:

KIMBERLY AKIMBO - a second viewing (this time with my spouse). A show just to my liking - smart, funny and tuneful. Though the cast was perhaps not as vibrant as when I saw them early in the Broadway run, they are still doing stellar work.

MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG - Musical theatre heaven for a Sondheim fan such as myself - one who discovered the brilliant original cast recording as a teenager in the 90s and became obsessed. Jonathan Groff really makes Frank work in a way I haven't seen in other productions. Was sad Lindsay Mendez was out but her standby - Jamila Sabares-Klemm - was great. Krystal Joy Brown was another standout as Gussie.

SWEENEY TODD - With that thrilling orchestra, a lot of sins could be forgiven, and they were. I enjoyed Josh Groban. He sang the score beautifully though I wish there had been more "there there" with his acting. Annaleigh Ashford was a funny, sexy Lovett and I enjoyed her vocal performance. She did - however - take the comedy a little TOO broad for me at times. The supporting cast were incredible and that final

HERE WE ARE - I get why this show is divisive, but I loved every minute of it. Absurd, Surreal, Funny and touching. Lots of heavy lifting being done by the amazing cast. I definitely felt moments in Act II that cried out for a song (and most likely would have had one under different circumstances) but I thought they worked well with what they had. Also - that scenic design was lit.

HERE LIES LOVE - What a fun night in the theatre. Not a brilliant show but I can't remember the last time I had such a mindless good time. Sad to see it go.

Caught SONDHEIM UNPLUGGED at 54 Below on Sunday night. A great - if woefully underrehearsed - evening. Jim Walton and Ann Morrison together on stage was enough for me.

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