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Really interesting that he talks about how difficult it was to get a handle on the character of Frank. One of my takeaways from the reviews of this production (which I haven't seen) has been that Groff seems to have cracked that nut and has been as successful as anyone (perhaps MORE than anyone else) at threading that needle.

Of course, Groff is not playing the same version of the show that Walton did, which may be helping his cause, but I wonder if Walton's difficulty also stemmed from stepping into the role at the last moment and then, of course, not being able to play it long enough to really find the character.

In addition to a revised script, Groff has also had the benefit of 25 years of interpretations of this character and media dissecting and dissecting again everything about the show and the character. He's also had the benefit of a rehearsal period prior to the off-Broadway production, the off-Broadway run, a rehearsal period prior to the Broadway production, and however long the Broadway production has been playing. Groff has likely spent more time with this character than any other actor who's played it.

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