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I met him many times, and I wish I had brought it up. However, he tended to have stock answers to things like this that he'd made a decision about or had a story about it that he wanted known, and he had very little variation on stuff like that and clearly had little interest in have an open dialogue about them unless perhaps with trusted friends and collaborators, and I can't blame him for that. Imagine if every passionate fan who had access to him, or every person who ever worked around him on a production or even in a restaurant were given a chance for a genuine open-minded chat about why he should do things he isn't doing with his past work?

But nonetheless... he was sorely mistaken about the presumed waste of his efforts had he brushed up Evening Primrose for stage or expanded it... he was also wrong about many other things. Or at least, in my estimation and understanding, I disagree with him on several things, including Evening Primrose.

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