re: "Company" (Disappointing) National Tour
Posted by: Chazwaza 04:43 am EST 11/28/23
In reply to: "Company" (Disappointing) National Tour - JT 04:33 pm EST 11/27/23

I can assure you, not everyone showered her production with praise... i found it not only disappointed, but sometimes bafflingly and sometimes profoundly misdirected (from the staging to the design concept to the comedy to the cast who are often in different shows, to the specific ways it was lazily "updated" and the half-baked not-thought-through ways the gender-switch played out, not something I'm at all opposed to but many elements of it in this attempt actually showed a genuine misunderstanding of the play and how it work(ed), and this is largely if not entirely attributed to Elliott as well and her vision of the show, which is why I'm including it).

I haven't seen the tour yet, the only reason I was considering it was the idea of seeing someone else as Bobbie, someone who can sing the role more as intended, which I assume this Bobbie was cast to do... but you're making me reconsider.

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