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Where did I say these were your presumptions? I read your post, I understand it was Sondheim's words.

But it's not just... others here have echoed the same. Talking theoretically to Sondheim and to the board, whoever reads the post.

Frankly, Mr. Sondheim, I think the VERY little bit of effort to refine/adapt it into a 1 hour one-act for the stage would have been very worth your time and energy, and so would expanding it to an 85 minute stage musical. I think either would have been just as worth your time as the great effort and time you spent trying to make THE FROGS work.
You have plenty of money and revenue -- Evening Primrose is a fascinating and unusual story for a musical, and you've already written a compelling one-act musical with (barely) a handful of beautiful songs... for a TV musical that is never aired and isn't even on DVD -- it would be QUITE worth your time and effort to make it produceable on stage, expanded or not. And I bet very likely the rights would be granted or expanded to do so.

(that was to Sondheim, not you) :)

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