Boop! - Chicago 11/26/2023 (Big Spoiler)
Posted by: BroadwayTonyJ 05:19 pm EST 11/27/23
In reply to: Boop! - Chicago 11/26/2023 - PlazaBoy 01:05 am EST 11/27/23

I very much agree with your assessment, point by point.

Overall, I enjoyed the production for the good things in it. I particularly liked Betty's scene with Erich Bergen's character Raymond in which she exposes his ulterior motives and puts an end to his campaign. I thought her character really began to become fully realized at this point.

However, the show is wildly uneven. I think Bob Martin's book does a commendable job of coming up with an interesting storyline, but the ending unfortunately makes no sense. Nevertheless, last night's audience seemed to like it.

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