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But there are 2 main presumptions here that are not relevant...

A) That it needs to be expanded. It doesn't. Like I proposed, it would certainly be done as a 50 min one act musical, and be paired either with another short musical or two, like any great one act by Albee or Beckett etc... or it would be done and paired with a concert selection of other songs or something like that I'm sure, to make it a full evening. It could also *gasp* be paired with a one act play without songs!
But I'm also sure there are theaters that would do it as a stand-alone with nothing else. Not every theater company or theater production is by a major theater with money and expectant audiences wanting to pay $90+ and get their moneys worth. A LOT of low budget and amateur groups would do it.

B) That there should need to be commercial interest for a commercial premiere production.
Like I said in "A", this would get done by whoever wants to do it. Maybe not many, maybe a lot... maybe schools or amateur companies/projects, maybe above that and paired with things.

I also don't think it needs expanding into a full length... though I could certainly imagine there being more to explore with these characters and this setting and premise. I love it as is, at 51 minutes, but I also think it would have been great to have a few more songs... even for an act one of a musical it's a at least few songs short of what most would have. It has 4 songs and a reprise. Company has 9, ALNM has 8-12 depending on how you count the sung overture and the 4 sections of Now/Soon/Later, Sunday has 11, Gypsy has 8 plus the many June/Newsboys songs, etc.

I suspect if they had been told they have a 75 minutes for the musical (in a 90 min slot with commercials), they'd have found a great 75 minute musical with 7 or 8 songs in it.

But again, my argument is more that AS is, even without changing anything in the script (written for TV, I know), it could be done on stage... fully, or even as a "concert" (with the script done too)... and it would work just fine, or at least be compelling enough that some people would want to do it, and some would want to see it. No question.

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